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A2 is pure and natural dairy milk, permeate and additive free, that is rich in the A2 type of beta-casein protein because it comes from specially selected cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein and not A1 protein.

A1 Protein & A2 Protein
Most regular cows’ milk brands today contain a combination of two main types of beta-casein protein, namely A1 and A2. Periyar Dairy is special because it is an exception to this.

What makes Periyar Dairy Milk different to regular fresh cows’ milk is the absence of the A1 protein. It is the A1 protein that many people seek to avoid by switching from regular cows’ milk to Periyar Dairy Farm Milk. The Periyar Dairy Farm uses comprehensive herd selection to choose cows which don’t produce the A1 protein.

The single most important factor in producing our delicious Periyar Dairy Farm Milk is to find the right dairy cows. Unlike other dairy farms, we exclusively select cows that naturally produce milk rich in the A2 type of beta-casein (Gir Cows). This is done by using a simple and non-invasive DNA test we have developed, which analyses a sample hair from the tail of each dairy cow. These A2-certified cows are then milked separately to produce pure and natural Periyar Dairy Farm Milk.

Yes, Periyar Dairy Farm Milk is naturally occurring cows’ milk; it’s not a result of a technological process or genetic engineering. We simply select cows that produce only A2 protein.

Our commitment to optimal living standards for all animals involved in and impacted by Periyar Dairy Farm A2 supply is underpinned by a respect for animal welfare, and belief in the positive impact that animal welfare standards can have on milk production and milk quality. Our vision is for a best-in-class animal welfare management system that exceeds Indian dairy industry standards. To help achieve this vision, we engage an independent expert organisation for auditing and certification of the animal welfare management practices on all Periyar Dairy Farm A2 farms.

Periyar Dairy Farm A2 farms can be frozen. We suggest freezing some milk in deep fridge, to allow for portion control.

Periyar Dairy Farm A2 farms does not contain any permeate or any other additives which is why it tastes so refreshing, as real milk should taste.

Yes, Periyar Dairy Farm A2 milk contains roughly the same amounts of calcium and other important minerals as other unfortified milks.

Cows’ milk allergy is a serious condition and is different to cows’ milk intolerance. If you or your child is known to suffer from a cows’ milk allergy, you should consult your doctor or paediatrician before consuming ANY milk variety, including Periyar Dairy Farm A2 milk All milk contains a variety of biologically active factors known to affect the immune system. Periyar Dairy Farm A2 milk contains all of the proteins that you would find in standard cows’ milk except for the A1 beta-casein protein. Therefore, those people with allergies to the proteins in standard cows’ milk will not be able to drink Periyar Dairy Farm A2 milk However, Periyar Dairy Farm A2 milk can help to reduce digestive discomfort in some people who have difficulty digesting regular cows’ milk as opposed to having a milk allergy. There is a growing body of evidence that supports the unique benefits of milk containing only the A2 beta-casein protein type like Periyar Dairy Farm A2 milk

Absolutely not! Periyar Dairy Farm A2 milk is obtained naturally from Gir cows specially selected for their genetic makeup.

Absolutely. It’s 100% produced from local cows and as fresh as fresh can be.

Proteins are large biological molecules made up of long chains of amino acids.

Beta-casein is a type of protein that makes up one third of the protein in milk. It is a high quality milk protein that is a source of essential amino acids, as well as peptides.

Homogenised milk has been treated to disperse the cream layer containing the milk fat throughout the milk. Homogenised milk generally has a longer shelf life than un-homogenised milk.

Pasteurisation is a method of heating milk for a short time to kill off bacteria which would cause the milk to spoil.

Periyar Dairy Farm A2 milk is available in Mumbai/ Kochi/ Bhopal/ Kota & Bundi, it can have booked from the website.

The nutritional information can also be found on the back label of every Periyar Dairy Farm A2 milk bottle.

Ultra-pasteurization is a method of heating milk for a short time to kill bacteria which would cause the milk to spoil and gives milk a longer shelf life.

Periyar Dairy Farm A2 is a naturally occurring cows’ milk and we don’t do anything to the cows to get A1 free milk. We test the cows and select cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein type and no A1. It is genetics like having brown eyes versus blue eyes.

Our cows have a balanced plant-based diet of grass and grain. The diet of our cows is dependent on their location and what their climate allows. However, all our family farms are also independently certified to ensure they meet strict animal welfare guidelines.

Check out the Periyar Dairy Farm A2 website to order.

Periyar Dairy Farm A2 Milk is real milk from cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein and no A1. It should taste just like ordinary dairy milk.

The humane treatment of animals is of the utmost importance to us. All our farms are trained and audited for the humane treatment of animals. Our cows are not treated with growth hormone rBST* We run a special old age home for cows along with the Milk. Do visit our farm.

We are focusing on milk and ghee as we continue to grow and increase our store distribution, but we’re always evaluating new options for the future. We also have recipes for homemade, yogurt, cream and more that are made with Periyar Dairy Farm A2 Milk on our website if you want to make your own!

If you’ve been avoiding dairy for some time, Periyar Dairy Farm A2 Milk should be introduced slowly back into your diet. We recommend starting small. You can add a couple of tablespoons in coffee or tea, or a small amount on your cereal.

We’re so pleased to hear you love Periyar Dairy Farm A2 Milk , We’d like to share your positive experience with others. You can share your story on the contact us page.

Yes. Periyar Dairy Farm A2 Milk is real cows’ milk which naturally contains whey. If you have a whey allergy, you should not drink Periyar Dairy Farm A2 Milk

Periyar Dairy Farm A2 Milk has been fortified with Vitamins A and D, which is the required standard for all cows’ milk in India.

  • Mumbai- Khopoli
  • Kochi- Angamaly
  • Bhopal- Avali Kheda
  • Bundi- Rajasthan- Kota

Yes, of course. We would be more than delighted to give you a tour of the farm. Not just that, we will shower you with a lot of goodies for your interest. A prior appointment is must though. In our town we don’t let our guests go without a celebration.

All Periyar Farms is spread over 10 acres and built to international standards. It’s a world-class dairy farm that uses state-of-the-art-facility and processes which are essential to keep the cows comfortable and happy, such as climate controllers, massage brushes, cleanliness tools and high quality feed and water.

We do Organic Vegetable Farming, processing of Vermicompost & Eco Tourism

  • Periyar Dairy Farm is not an aggregator of milk but we produce our own milk. As producers of milk, we have control over every minute process involved in producing good wholesome milk. We take special care of each detail, beginning from the healthiest breed of cows, the right mix of organic fodder, regular supervision of cow’s health and comfort, milking hygiene, maintaining highest standards of sheds and barns, and finally ensuring safe delivery of the cow’s wholesome milk straight from our farm to your home.


  •  We don’t put any preservatives and adulterants
  • We don’t put any chemicals in the fodder for cows, they are only fed farm grown organic fodder.
  •  We don’t give antibiotics or hormonal steroids to our cows.
  • The milking and packaging process is fully mechanised, hence completely hygienic.
  • We keep our cows happy. They are free to roam, bask in the sun or rest in their comfy sheds.

Better still, just try a glass of our Milk and you will know why its better than any other milk and why it’s so delicious!

Whole milk is milk from which no constituents have been removed or adjusted. It is a non-standardised milk where the fat has not been set to a particular value through extra processing. Whole milk is pure milk containing all its goodness in its natural form as received from the cow. It’s milk, the way nature has made it. Hence, Periyar Farms Milk is Whole Cow’s Milk.

Full fat milk from cow cannot be compared with conventional brands milk, because the latter is mainly Buffalo’s milk. Also, in conventional brands, cream/fat is added as per percentage proportions to make different variants. Conventional full cream brands contain 6% fat.

Cow’s whole milk cannot be more than 4% fat because it is the natural lactating property of the cow that its light in terms of fat, thus easy to digest. That’s why its widely known that cow milk fat is GOOD FAT.

Firstly, the milk available in the market has certain percentage of Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) mixed, hence you get curd very thick and creamy (chakka kind of), because of the powder content in the milk.

Periyar Dairy Farms Milk is 100% farm fresh, direct from the udder, so there is natural Solids Not Fat (SNF) which is relatively low in comparison to conventional milk brands.

Setting curd with Periyar Dairy Farms Milk is altogether a different vis-à-vis the conventional brands. Completely boil the milk ?rst and let it cool down a bit to the temperature when you put/mix culture. Cover the vessel with a cloth or set it in an insulated vessel to maintain the temperature. The setting of curd will take a tad bit longer as compared to usual process. Once set, we recommend you refrigerate it, to set perfectly.

Yellow color in milk is mainly due to presence of carotenoid. Some breeds have high amounts of it while others have low amount of carotenoid generation. Hence, the yellow tinge in the milk can vary by breed, the food and other factors.

Presence of less yellow tinge is nothing to worry about. It is due to the fresh seasonal diet fed to the cows.

After boiling and refrigerating the milk, you can witness that the malai/cream layer on the top is slightly yellow.

Yes, we are licensed by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

We provide sample test reports from FSSAI accredited labs on a periodic basis to give you assurance on the milk quality. All the subscribers are welcome to visit the farm with prior appointment, to experience the farm and the processes.

Periyar Dairy Farm milk is farm fresh. We do not do any sort of processing on the milk. Branded packaged milk is standardized and homogenized to ensure consistency in the milk, but these processes alter the natural state of the milk. Our milk thickness and taste would be impacted by weather, local seasonal fodder fed to the cows and lactation cycle of our cows.

The milk, when stored under refrigerated conditions will last for one day.

Presently we are breeding Gir cows/breed from the best bloodline of Bhavnagar

We are strictly against the use of Oxytocin or any other form of hormones.

The milk from any cow which is on an antibiotic course is excluded. Therefore, the milk is completely antibiotic free.

Our cows get a planned meal every day. We specially grow high quality Maize, Alfalfa, Greens, Soya and Bran to prepare a wholesome diet to keep them healthy and happy. Our nutritionists ensure that there is the right balance of minerals and vitamins. They create a menu for different ages of the cows and their physical needs. The menu, as you would have guessed, is changed regularly to include fresh seasonal crops and specials to keep our cows excited and munching all day.

We call this a Total Meal Ration and it is designed to keep every cow in prime healthy condition. The result is rich wholesome milk, that is natural and full of the vital goodness of cow’s milk.

Periyar Farms milk is transported from plant to depot in refrigerated vans. Each and every depot has refrigeration facilities. The milk is then delivered to your doorstep in insulated boxes to maintain the optimum temperature.

Milking is done by fully automatic milking machines. Post-milking, the milk is immediately chilled to 4 degree Celsius using PHE,packed in tamper proof bottles and transported to our local cold store chains – from there it is delivered to each subscriber by our team.

We offer a Pre-paid milk subscription. The subscription can be made from the website or through our app “Periyar Dairy Farm” available on both android and iOS respectively. All you need to do is to register yourself and make your subscription as per your preference and requirement. You can follow these simple steps to make you subscription.

Log into your account via website or Periyar Dairy Farm App. Register yourself and fill in the details.

Once you have logged in recharge your wallet as per your comfort level.

Choose your subscription from the various modes available like every day, alternate day, every third or fourth day respectively. You can select the quantity as per your requirement.

If your requirement is not catered by the above mentioned options, then we also offer a customized solution wherein you can choose the day and the quantity required by you on those particular days. All this can be managed by just the click of the button.

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You can pay through:

Online mode (Credit card, Debit card, Net banking, other wallet options)

Cash / Cheque ( In case of cash collection please intimate us about it via call or mail )

The milk is delivered by our own team of delivery boys between 6:00 am – 9:30 am every morning. You can avail the following delivery preferences – delivery in hand, leave at the door step, ring the bell and leave. The same can be updated from the app or website itself.

Yes, the milk delivery can be stopped and resumed at any time before 11.00 pm a day prior from our website or app. You can also call our customer support a day in advance between 9am – 7pm.

Yes, its possible to make changes a day prior by 11:30 pm through our app or website. In case the same needs to be communicated via call or mail it can only be updated between 9am – 7pm, a day prior.

The delivered quantity will be adjusted against the subscribed quantity, on a daily basis. A monthly delivery statement will be sent by email indicating the subscription credit in the milk quantity. The delivery will continue uninterrupted within the subscription schedule.

Your milk is delivered 7 days a week, 365 days a year, unless there is an exceptional emergency situation.

There is no additional charge beyond the subscription amount.

The minimum order is one litre only.