Face Wash Saffron & Peach


Herbal Face Wash is 100% natural. This moisturizing facewash helps to soften skin and prevent dryness of skin. It have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activity guards against infections, and helps to clear acne.

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Herbal Face Wash OF Periyar Dairy Farm face washes deeply cleanses the excess oil and dirt from your face. This foaming face wash creates a moisture barrier on your skin to prevent moisture loss and keep your skin hydrated after the wash and throughout the day.

It helps to remove the accumulated impurities and dead skin cells from your skin that are responsible for spots. This face care wash also helps to control pigmentation by providing the needed nutrients to the skin.
Ingredients: 18.25mg of filtered Panchgavya from desi cows, 1mg saffron (Crocus sativus).

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