Why Periyar Farm?

Desi Gir Cows Farm

We have selected best Gir cows from all over Gujarat India to create an elite herd of one of the world’s most prestigious Gir Cow Bloodline- Bhavnagar.
Our cows follow their natural feeding behaviour by grazing in the farm & pastures full of medicinal grasses. They rest in afternoon under tree shades in forest & carefully crafted shades for them.

Their calves drink their stomach full of happy milk up to age of 8 months till they start eating grasses. We don’t use artificial insemination for breeding of our cows, as we believe it is against their natural instincts. We always have a superior pedigree bull to improve the pedigree of herd.

Open Grazing Everyday

Our cows spend so much time in the great outdoors..
the milk they produce is sweet, creamy and loaded with nutrition.

We say no to chemicals at our farm. To keep our cows and our consumers healthy.

Everything at Periyar Dairy farm is traceable. Right from Our gir cow’s breed to the feed they eat everyday.

Every single day, Our Gir cows go for grazing in farm pastures full of medicinal grasses, herbs and plants. They follow their life as nature intended with complete freedom of life.

No Weaning

The calves at our farm drink milk directly from their mother, unlike most milk producers who separate the calves from the cows at birth and feed them separately so as to get more milk from cows.

Over last one year, our cows have taught us to learn from nature, because nature makes no mistakes.

We believe, Organic food is best instrument to ensure healthy lifestyle, to live in harmony with our bio- rhythms, our society, our world.

Organic Farming

Great dairy starts with great fooder !

We use sustainable natural methods of farming unlike Non-organic farms which use toxic pesticides and herbicides, fertilizers to manage the farm production.

These chemicals are really harmful to wildlife, soil and human health, contaminating our food, air, and water, and accumulating in our cells.

At our farm, we forbid use of these chemicals—making cows, honey bees, ants, earthworms and all other living beings happier, and our food more nutritious.

Farm to Your Home

Our farm fresh Raw Milk is produced by happy gir cows living their life in most natural way on our own farm. The quality of milk is therefore guaranteed.

While other milk producers sell packaged milk collected from shepherds and farmers, thus they can never ensure right quality of milk.

Milk with more Omega-3s.
The happier cows are, the healthier the milk and naturally more Omega-3s – means best nutrition for your family.